Typhoon Monitoring/PDRA/Operation Listo

The Province of Bulacan is frequently battered by typhoons. According to historical reports, the province experiences natural disasters throughout the year. During rainy seasons, we experience typhoons that cause floods on some areas in the province. Those typhoons bring heavy rains that can cause damage to properties, loss of crops and lives.

Along the years of witnessing the wrath of different typhoons that hit the province, the Provincial Government of Bulacan gives their full effort on strategic planning and engaging on different innovations on how to be more resilient and prepared in terms of typhoon monitoring along with community preparedness that establishes and strengthens the capacities of communities to anticipate the negative impacts of emergency occurrences.

There are different tools that are currently using by the PDRRMO when it comes to Typhoon monitoring and they are the following:

  1. Manual and Automatic Rain gauge – installed in 24 Cities/Municipalities in the province that measures the amount of water dispensed in an hour.
  2. Base radio stations in 24 LGUs – with this tool we are able to get the necessary information like rain gauge reading and real time situation in different cities/municipalities in the province during rainy season that will help for LCEs decision making.
  3. Installations of CCTVs and Telemetry – installed in different strategic locations in the province; with this tool it helps PDRRMO to have a clearer picture of amount of water or level of flood in a specific area 
  4. Different websites like PAGASA, WindyTV, Typhoon2000 etc. – with the help of internet, access on different websites is also a big factor that helps the province on typhoon monitoring, with the information coming from them it enables to prepare us ahead of time
  5. Social Media Accounts – with everyone who has a cellular phone using these platforms can help to easily disseminate advisory and announcement (e.g. cancellation of class/work, road closures, dam release etc.)

Aside from these tools, we are affiliated with NLEX, Meralco and PLDT in which we can immediately update them if there’s a road accident on expressway, power outage and loss in internet connection for their quick response. Not only them, we also receive assistance from PNP, BFP, Non-Governmental Agencies (NGAs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) during disaster.