Bulacan Rescue Operation

At the time of its establishment Bulacan 566 or Bulacan Rescue Project was the only emergency response in the whole province until the year of 2010 other LGUs witnessed how this project helped a lot of BulakeƱos so they also come up with their own rescue team that can do responses in all emergencies in their AORs. It made easy for the OpCen to dispatch timely because there are other responders from other cities/municipalities.

The main components of Bulacan Rescue are its Operations Center and its personnel.

An important step in starting Bulacan Rescue is the establishment of the Operations Center (OpCen) and its Functional Standard Operating Procedures. The OpCen is equipped with communications technology that enables real-time information availability and a single information flow across all government emergency notification and response channels that can also integrate citizen information. This also lets Bulacan Rescue have a timely mobilization of dispatch units, better coordination during emergencies, and an ability to keep up with constantly changing conditions. A wide variety of rescue vehicles and equipment are also available at the OpCen to be able to properly respond to any kind of scenarios as much as possible. Another important step is providing constant trainings for its personnel. Responders have undergone vital trainings such as Standard First Aid Training (SFAT), Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue (CSSR), Water Search and Rescue (WaSaR), and Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support (BLS & ACLS) Training, among several others.

Bulacan Rescue has performed numerous emergency response operations that have preserved and protected lives and properties. At the times of natural calamities and emergencies, they were always among the first to respond. However, they perform not only during the peak of natural disasters, but have also given assistance on pre- and post-disaster procedures. Beyond rescue operations, as a part of the Provincial DRRM Office, Bulacan Rescue also takes part on campaigns about disaster and emergency preparedness and what to do when calamities strike. Bulacan Rescue personnel are not just responders, but are also excellent trainers. The conduction of trainings for various local rescue teams are done almost every week, and sometimes even in multiple cities/municipalities simultaneously. Bulacan Rescue has always tried to be a good example to the city/municipal DRRM offices and rescue squads, and even to other provinces. Its system that has been continually fine-tuned over time are being adapted and refined.